sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2009

Assis: Apadrinha-me!

Macho, 2.5 anos
Nasceu na rua, é filho da Madalena, uma cadela selvagem. Todos os cachorros da Madalena só apareciam com a mãe quando já tinham dois meses de idade e eram muito assustadiços (tinham muito medo das pessoas). Assis era assim.
O Assis andava com uma pata muito ferida, encolhida e a secar. Andou assim durante uns meses. Todos os dias pensávamos o que fazer para salvar este pobre animal. Aproximar não pensar... fugia a correr. Um dia demos-lhe uns tranquilizantes na comida e assim o apanhamos. A sua pata foi salva, pois como tinha febre da carraça estava sempre a sangrar e não apodreceu, o que tínhamos receado. Foi um bico d'obra fazer pensos de dois em dois dias num animal de porte grande e "selvagem", depois o tratamento injectável para a leshmaniose... Depois ficou no abrigo. Continua um "bicho do mato" mas um querido.
Male, 2.5. years old
Assis was born on the streets - he was a son of Madelena, the wild female that left many puppies to Bianca and never let herself be caught. She protected her puppies - she was hiding them until they were around 2 months old and by that time - when caught by people - they were already very scared and not all of them got socialised. We did not caught Assis at the same time as his other siblings. We noticed him only later and we would let him be, he seemed to be managing on the streets, but he got his paw wounded. He was going around with his wounded paw for a long time and it seemed to be getting worse, not healing but becoming more and more infected. Every day we were thinking what we could do to help him but it seemed impossible: he would not let anyone approach him, he was running away. One day we prepared some meat with tranquilisers and we threw it to him and this is how we caught him. His paw was saved, we did not need to have it amputated. Good in bad - he had a tick fever which prevented blood from coagulating so constantly running blood prevented the fesh from rottening. It was very difficult to cure him, the bandages had to be changed every two days and he did not want to be touched - try to deal with big and wild animal! Then a month of injections to treat leishmaniasis. That was not easy either. But it is done now, he is in good health (even if he has leishmaniasis). Assis stayed with us in the shelter - still a bit wild and mistrustful about strangers but we love him.

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